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Protect Your Favorite Wood Furniture With a Glass Tabletop

Water Stain

Are you concerned about beverages leaving unsightly water stains on a beloved end table? Or maybe you’re worried about scratching the antique desk in your office. Fine wood furniture is durable, long-lasting and attractive, but it can be difficult to protect sensitive finishes from everyday wear and tear. Fortunately, glass tabletops offer an easy way… Read more »

4 Reasons to Love Glass Tabletops

Glass Countertops in Atlanta

Looking for a new table to add to your living room? Want to revitalize an old bedside table that’s seen better days? Before you settle for a traditional wooden tabletop, you might want to consider using glass instead! In addition to their aesthetic appeal, glass tabletops have a number of practical advantages that make them… Read more »

Advantages of Glass Table Top Covers

We have all seen tables that have sleek looking glass top covers. They look very modern and cool, but do they serve any other practical purpose? The answer is yes. In fact, glass table top covers serve many practical purposes that will save you time, money and allow you to get the most out of… Read more »

Add Elegance and Protection to Your Tables

Are you thinking of adding a classy touch to your home this holiday season? Getting sick of that tired old kitchen table that you’ve had for 15 years? Why not change things up and add a glass top to a table you already have in your home to give it a brand-new look. At Affordable… Read more »

Protect Your Table in Style With Glass

Maintaining your home can take a lot of work. From keeping your carpets clean and your floors scuff-free to ensuring your countertops are stain-free and your bathroom is free of any germs can take a lot of work. Fortunately, with glass table covers from Affordable Glass & Mirror Co., we can help make your live… Read more »