Mirror Design for Any Room of the Home

Need some serious design inspiration for your next interior design project? There’s one easy way to revolutionize any space: Mirrors. Mirrors everywhere are the new trend, so let’s take a look at the draw of mirrors in home décor.

It sounds simple, really – mirrors are commonly needed, anyway, whether to quickly check your hair or your outfit on the way out the door. But mirrors actually serve a much greater purpose than personal hygiene when it comes to home design.

Realtor.com says that adding mirrors to small spaces can make them feel twice their actual, artificially opening and expanding a room. In addition, mirrors reflect the natural light that comes in through your windows, helping to brighten the space without any extra cost. By exposing the light to more ambient brightness and using the optical illusion of more space to your advantage, you can easily increase the appeal of any room. Let’s explore some of the ways to use mirrors in all the rooms of your home.

Living Room

Living Room MirrorTo revolutionize the space in your living room, place a large mirror on the wall opposite your windows and see the way it immediately makes the room look lighter and brighter. You can simply lean the mirror against the wall to create a modern looking space, or hang it for a traditional look.

If you don’t want to add just one large mirror, consider creating a gallery wall with mirrors instead of photos. The smaller mirrors will have the same effect of brightening and lengthening the room, but you’ll have more design control and can create a more individualized and distinctive look to match your existing design aesthetics.


The same design tricks can be used in your bedroom, but you can also take advantage of unique aspects of your living space. For example, if you have a closet with a door, consider placing a large, full-length mirror on outside of the door. This will give you ready and easy access to check your wardrobe as you get ready in the morning while also helping reflect light around the room in a way that is both functional and practical.


In the kitchen, it might not be possible to hang a bunch of mirrors on the wall. There’s also something to be said about using mirrors in a space where airborne grease can accumulate and leave your glass surfaces looking a little dingy. However, one popular alternative is to install a mirrored tile backsplash. Tile is more resilient and easier to clean, and the reflective properties provide the same illuminating and space-opening effects.

To visually stretch a small space, and make it seem bigger and brighter than it is, all you need to do is hang some mirrors in your home. Whether you’re an expert interior designer, or a newbie trying to redesign some of your living space, this is an easy place to start, and the results will be impactful. Affordable Glass & Mirror specializes in custom mirrors, and we offer full mirror walls, vanity mirrors, custom-cut framed mirrors and so much more. Take a look at some of our mirrors and framing options online and call us today at 404-361-5151 to learn more.

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