Preventing Mold Growth on Windowsills

Once mold has started to grow on a windowsill inside of your home, it can be very difficult to remove without damaging paint or leaving stains behind. This is why you should make every effort to prevent mold growth from developing on your windowsills in the first place. Take a look at a few ways that you can prevent it below.

Preventing Mold Growth on WindowsillsClean your windows regularly.

One of the most effective ways to prevent mold growth on your windowsills is to make sure you are cleaning them on a routine basis. Dust and dirt can build up on windowsills and serve as an invitation for mold, especially if they’re allowed to get wet. Treat your windowsills to a quick dusting once a week to keep them clean and free of grime.

Don’t let condensation form on your windows.

Condensation can quickly form on your windows if you don’t control the climate in your home effectively. In the summertime, you can reduce the humidity by running your air conditioner and keeping your home above 70 degrees. You should also open your windows whenever possible to promote airflow through your home. If condensation continues to be an issue, consider investing in a dehumidifier as well.

Replace aging windows with new ones.

If you’ve taken the steps above and you’re still struggling to control mold growth on windowsills, it could be because your old windows just aren’t up to the task of insulating your home from outdoor air anymore. By replacing outdated windows, you can cut down on condensation and eliminate the air and water infiltrations that can cause mold.

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