Use Mirrors to Maximize Small Spaces

Small spaces can be a challenge for the novice decorator, but one simple trick can make you look like a pro! Instead of trying to mask your walls with interesting wallpapers, artwork or paint colors, invest in a well-placed mirror or series or mirrors to help make your small space feel much more open and inviting.

With the right custom mirror, you can create an ambiance that seems to expand the distance between walls, amplify light and break up clutter – solving your space problem with a simple trick of the eye. After all, there is a reason why the phrase “smoke and mirrors” exists.

Mirror DecorYou may find yourself wanting to place a piece of furniture in a tight space, but fear it may look too crowded. Floor length mirrors or mirrors the same width of the furniture can add elegance to your home and depth to the space. Consider including a mirror behind your entry console or a tight hallway to visually open the space.

In small rooms or halls, there often isn’t a window providing natural light. Placing a mirror behind a candle, drop light or bedside lamp is an affordable way to brighten the room. If you are lucky enough to have natural light in a tight space, hanging a mirror next to or opposite of a window can reflect light throughout the room.

If you are feeling a spark of creativity, take mirror design to the next level by erecting a mirror wall. Instead of just having one giant mirror cover the entire space, piece together small similar mirrors to form a pattern, or go artsy by hanging mirrors of various shapes, sizes and trims as a collage. If you find a wall of just mirrors overwhelming, add a few to a salon style art wall, patterned wall or shelf arrangement instead. Using mirrors breaks up the visuals and helps the room breathe.

Affordable Glass & Mirror Co. is happy to assist you with all your mirror design plans – big or small! Stop in or call and speak to a member of your team and we can work with you to create your vision of the perfect custom mirror. The design experts take great care in making high quality, beautiful mirrors that you will fall in love with. Stop in and see us in the store on Lake City Industrial Court in Lake City, or call us at 404-361-5151 today to get started!

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