Window Glass Replacement & Repair

Provided as a cost effective alternative to full window replacement, we offer glass replacement. This is perfect to repair broken glass and windows, broken cracked or foggy units, and upgrading, with options such as Low E-coating to reduce UV rays or safety tempered glass to update your home.

We also install and offer single pane glass for your replacement.

Affordable Glass and Mirror, Inc. Insulated Glass

Atlanta window replacement and broken glass repair services in Atlanta

This unit consists of two or more tiles of glass being separated by a high-quality spacer and air space which has been sealed by an organic compound and kept continually dehydrated by a specially formulated drying agent inside the spacer. The sealants used are, Poly-sulfide Seal, Poly-sulfide and Silicone, state-of-the-art warm edge low-conductance spacers and virtually every type in between.


Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass is an excellent safety glass that is made up of two or more sheets of glass and a special film (PVB) interlayer through adhering firmly, the high temperature and pressure.


Doors and Windows of houses near the airport or railway station.

Doors and Windows of hospitals, schools, bathrooms, Front doors, balcony, bag windows, greenhouses, roofs, roof glazing, business

Doors and Windows can be replaced with laminated glass. Unlike tempered glass, it will hold up to being hit or damaged. Will not break like tempered glass. Will stay in place, will not show damage.