Add a Distinct Look and Privacy with Patterned Glass

You have many options at your disposal when it comes time to install or replace the glass in your living room, kitchen, office or bathroom. You can go for a standard style of glass, or you can be more adventurous and try a textured, tempered or patterned glass style.

Patterned Glass StyleWhen you add beautiful patterned glass, you are selecting an elegant and practical option that looks great and can even give you some much-needed privacy. Patterned glass comes in many styles, everything from Delta Frost and Glue Chip to Everglade and Rainwater varieties. These designs not only add a certain level of privacy, but they essentially create a work of art right in your bathroom or office. With so many styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a distinctive glass pattern that matches your tastes.

Homeowners and businesses often install this glass is in foyers, bathrooms and in between offices in a work environment, but it is not only for rooms. You will also often see patterned glass used with outdoor furniture and tabletops or even installed as shower doors.

Ideal for offices, this glass has a level of thickness to it that allows you to create two distinctive and private spaces, but it is much more than just a barrier. Patterned glass also allows for a subtle shifting and sharing of light that creates a more welcoming environment while providing seclusion and privacy when needed.

At Atlanta Glass & Mirror, we pride ourselves in offering durable and reliable products backed by a dedication to customer service that our clients deserve. Not only do we have the inventory to satisfy any project, but we also offer the full installation and repair services that ensure you can always enjoy your windows and mirrors without worry.

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