Soundproof Your Windows With These Helpful Tips

If you live near a busy street, you may be tired of hearing traffic noise filter through your windows day in and day out. As much as you might like to open your windows and let in some fresh air, loud noises from neighbors and passing vehicles can be a serious annoyance. Fortunately, there are a few straightforward steps you can to soundproof your windows and minimize the amount of unwelcome noise that finds its way inside your home.

Utilize Storm Windows

It can be easy to forget about storm windows, particularly in the spring and summer. You may have even removed your storm windows at some point and stored them in your attic or basement. In addition to blocking harsh winds and frost, storm windows can help block outside noise as well. Keep them installed year-round to gain an added barrier against unwanted noise.

Window TreatmentsAdd Weather Stripping

Weather stripping can help eliminate drafts and offer a noise-resistant seal around window frames. If your home tends to get chilly in the winter, you’ll be extra glad you added weather stripping to your windows.

Hang Curtains and Drapes

Window treatments aren’t just decorative accessories; they can help absorb sound as well. The heavier the fabric, the better job they’ll do of mitigating outside noise. A fresh set of curtains can improve the look of your home, and keep it quiet and comfortable on busy days.

Upgrade Your Window Glass

If you live in an older home, the glass in your windows may not be thick enough to block loud noises from outside. Modern insulated glass is much better at effectively blocking noise. As an added bonus, it can help reduce your utility bills by making your home more energy efficient as well! To learn more about how insulated window glass can make your home quieter and more efficient, give us a call or contact us online today!

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