Add Elegance and Protection to Your Tables

Are you thinking of adding a classy touch to your home this holiday season? Getting sick of that tired old kitchen table that you’ve had for 15 years? Why not change things up and add a glass top to a table you already have in your home to give it a brand-new look.

OgeeAt Affordable Glass & Mirror, we offer options to add glass to existing tables in two ways. We can either perform a full replacement of an existing glass table top or cut a custom-sized glass top to serve as a protective top and provide a new look to your existing table. Both options are great for a number of circumstances.

If you’re sick of looking at the same table you’ve had in your home forever, Affordable Glass & Mirror can help. We’ll remove the existing glass top on your table and fit a gorgeous new glass table top to it instead. Not only are you getting a like-new table for an amazing price, but you’ll totally transform the look of your existing furniture.

If you have a favorite end table or coffee table but you want to keep it protected and give it a new look, a new glass table top can be just the thing. Adding a new glass table top can offer protection from moisture, meaning you won’t have to worry about whether or not everyone uses a coaster or if a drink spills! We can also make custom measurements, too, meaning we can provide glass to fit any size surface. You’ll be adding a bit of new design to your table, too, giving it an improved look and making it easier to clean and maintain while protecting it for years to come.

Glass table tops are an easy way to add a new look to any surface. Simply swapping out your old table top for a new piece of beveled or polished glass can be a huge design upgrade in your home. We’ve transformed kitchen tables, end tables, sofa tables, hall tables and even desks, simply by swapping in a new piece of glass.

For more information on our process, give us a call today at 404-361-5151.

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