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Tips for Using Mirrors in Your Home’s Interior Design

Tips for Using Mirrors in Your Home’s Interior Design

If you thought that mirrors were reserved for vanities, mantles and closets, think again. While many of us use mirrors for practical purposes, they can also be used to add great aesthetic value to your home’s interior.

As all great interior designers know, the manipulation of light is necessary to dramatically alter the appearance of any room, and the careful arrangement of mirrors is ideal for this purpose. Artfully-arranged mirrors can enhance color, add dimension and elevate the luminosity of a space.  Here are a few ways to incorporate mirrors into your home’s interior design.

Tips for Using Mirrors in Your Home’s Interior DesignPlace a large mirror in a small room.

One of the oldest designer tricks in the book, placing a full-sized mirror in a cramped space such as a hallway or small living room, will make the room appear more spacious than it is. The larger the mirror, the more light it will reflect, and the more space it will appear to create.

Place a mirror across from a window with a good view.

The mirror will reflect the view and simulate the illusion of a parallel window. If you are fortunate enough to have a nice view from a nearby window, you can double the vista on the opposite wall with this parallel mirror arrangement.

Use mirrors as a backsplash. 

Open up a confined kitchen by replacing your tile backsplash with a mirror backsplash. Antiqued mirrors are good for this purpose because they conceal splatters better than clean, modern mirrors. A mirrored kitchen backsplash can amplify natural light from windows as well.

Create a mirrored wall.

This doesn’t necessarily mean covering a wall with a giant mirrored surface. Instead, consider arranging a mosaic of smaller mirrors on a living room wall to add a special touch of sparkle to the space and emphasize the room’s color palette.

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