4 Reasons to Love Glass Tabletops

Looking for a new table to add to your living room? Want to revitalize an old bedside table that’s seen better days? Before you settle for a traditional wooden tabletop, you might want to consider using glass instead! In addition to their aesthetic appeal, glass tabletops have a number of practical advantages that make them great alternatives to other tabletop materials.

Easy to Clean

Tired of beverages leaving unsightly rings on your wooden tabletops? With glass, you’ll never have to worry about beverages staining your table again. If something spills or the table starts to collect dust, just wipe it down with a paper towel and some glass cleaner and it will look good as new again.


Glass Countertops in Atlanta

Whereas wood tabletops can be prone to scratches, nicks and dings, glass tabletops are remarkably strong and robust. A glass tabletop can easily stand up to normal wear and tear without showing signs of damage or distress. If you want to maintain the appearance of wood without having to worry about damaging your favorite piece of furniture, you could even place a piece of custom glass over a wooden table to protect it.


This brings us to our next point. Glass tabletops can be cut to just about any size, and they can be customized with a number of different stylish edge options. No matter how big or small your table is, we can cut a beautiful glass tabletop to match.

Great for Refurb Projects

Although glass is typically associated with contemporary designs, a glass tabletop can be used to refurbish an older piece of furniture as well. Whereas a matching wooden tabletop might be hard to come by, a custom glass table top can make for a great replacement.

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