Back to Basics: How Is Glass Made?

Back to Basics: How Is Glass Made?

Glass is very ingrained in our society. We encounter it multiple times on a daily basis. When you drive to work, your glass windshield protects you from gravel, wind and insects. Once you arrive at work, odds are you walk into a large building that features many windows made of glass. Finally, at the end… Continue Reading

Brighten Bathrooms with Modern Mirrors

The bathroom is possibly one of the most overlooked places when it comes to modern décor and trends. While many people focus on updating the living room or bedroom, the bathroom is one room you do not want to forget. The bathroom is a place your family and guests will use regularly, and paying special… Continue Reading

Use Mirrors to Maximize Small Spaces

Small spaces can be a challenge for the novice decorator, but one simple trick can make you look like a pro! Instead of trying to mask your walls with interesting wallpapers, artwork or paint colors, invest in a well-placed mirror or series or mirrors to help make your small space feel much more open and… Continue Reading

What is Low-e glass ?

What is Low-e glass ? It is used  to  improve insulation or thermal efficiency in a window, a thin film coating is applied to the raw glass.  The process is done at the glass manufacturing plant where specially designed coatings are applied to one or more surfaces of an insulated glass unit.  For example: usually… Continue Reading